Vital Therapy Age Defiance Package

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"I love your Vital Therapy products, they leave my skin feeling healthy and radiant" ~ Bonnie P

VITAL THERAPY products are free of toxic preservatives, fillers, fragrances and dyes.

Vital Therapy's cutting-edge nutrients are synergistically combined to achieve rapid and effective results using safe, natural ingredients. These nutrients can help to build collagen and elastin in the skin. The antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and hydrating compounds are a great way to keep the skin lucid and healthy looking in appearance and tone.

Benefits of the Age Defiance Package:

  • Anti-aging protection
  • Skin re-generating benefits
  • Skin rejuvenating benefits
  • Helps to repair skin damage
  • Nourishes & balances skin metabolism
  • Encourages skin cell reproduction
  • Helps to improve circulation

Get visible and long lasting results with the effects of the Age Defiance Package!

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Our Age Defiance Package includes:

Vitamin C with Caffeine Serum - Morning Serum - .5 oz bottle

Ingredients:  L-Ascorbic Acid 20%, Rice Starch, Glycerol, Beta-fructan, beta-glucosamine, L-castor oil, Caffeine, Spin Trap
Vitamin A Complex Serum with EGF Night time Serum - .5oz bottle
Ingredients: Hamamelis extract, Vitamin A (L-retinol)/glycolic acid complex, phenyl butyl nitrone, beta glucan, beta glucosamine, ethyl hydroxide.

Plastic Surgery in a Bottle - 1oz bottle

Ingredients: Purified water, capric/caprillic triglycerides, vegetable glycerin, aloe vera, honey, cyclomethicone, beeswax, squalene (olive), olive oil, dimethicone, L-retinol, L-pentapeptides, B complex vitamins, L-Hyaluronate, Glutathione palmitate, carnosine palmitate, omega 3, 6, 9 oils, Vitamin E, L-lactic acid, royal gelee, idebenone, beta glucan, beta fructan, D-betaglucosamine, sodium PCA, essential oils of: calendula, plumeria, vanilla, ylang ylang, lemon, rose, cherry, and citrus seed extract.

Vitamin C Serum with Caffeine - Morning Serum

Apply to clean skin before applying sunscreen or makeup.

Vitamin A Complex Serum with EGF Night time Serum

Before bed, dispense a few drops and apply to face, neck and dÃcolletà after cleansing and toning.  Can also be applied to backs of hands or arms, as these show the earliest signs of aging. Follow
with the appropriate peptide and/or moisturizing product before bed.

Plastic Surgery in a Bottle

Apply to face and neck, before bedtime, after using the Vitamin A serum. This may be used in the AM as well.