Osteoporosis, or bone loss, in women has led doctors to routinely prescribe estrogen supplementation, but is there really any benefit in this? In truth, there is no evidence that this estrogen therapy does much to relieve osteoporosis at all. Yet, this remains the standard medical approach for osteoporosis.

Dr. John Lee suggests that osteoporosis in women as they age is due to decreasing levels of progesterone, NOT estrogen.

Jerilyn C. Prior, M.D., and her associates also found evidence of progesterone's possible role in countering osteoporosis in a study of sixty-six premenopausal women between twenty-one and forty-one years of age. All these women were long-distance marathon runners. It was observed after twelve months that:

  • The average spinal bone density decreased by about 2%... However, women who developed ovulation disturbances during the study lost 4.2% of their bone mass in one year. While there was no correlation between the rate of bone losses and serum levels of estrogen, there was a close relationship between indicators of progesterone status and bone loss.
The presence or absence of estrogen supplements had no discernible effect on osteoporosis benefits... Progesterone deficiency rather than estrogen deficiency is a major factor in the pathogenesis of menopausal osteoporosis. (Other factors promoting osteoporosis are excess protein intake, lack of exercise, cigarette smoking, and inadequate vitamins A, D, and C.)

Although there are many forms and ways to take natural progesterone, Dr. Lee promotes the transdermal method. By carefully observing his patients over the course of fifteen years, he proved the effectiveness of transdermal progesterone cream. His work confirmed its safety and its remarkable benefits to his osteoporotic patients who had a history of cancer of the uterus or breast and to those who had diabetes, vascular disorders, and other conditions.

Dr. Lee had hoped that the progesterone would strengthen his patients' bones. To his surprise, it did; their bone mineral density tests showed progressive improvement and the number of his patients suffering osteoporotic fracture dropped to zero.

Dr. Lee points out that the "conventional treatment of osteopososis with estrogen, with or without supplemnetal calcuim and vitamin D, tends to delay bone mass loss, but not reverse it." His investigation into using transdermal progesterone cream instead of a synthetic estrogen replacemnt treatment demonstrates that "osteoporosis subsided, musculoskeletal strength and mobility increased, and monthly vaginal bleeding did not occur." Most striking were the results of the dual-photon densitometry tests: "a 5-10% increase in bone mineral density; and this was even evident to the women who were 25 years after menopause."

After years of researching transdermal progesterone supplementation, Dr. Lee observed in his patients "a progressive increase in bone mineral density and definite clinical improvement including fracture prevention..." He concluded that "osteoporosis reversal is a clinical reality using a natural form of progesterone derived from yams that is safe, uncomplicated and inexpensive."

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Testimonials from our Customers:

I just want all of you who have osteopenia or osteoporosis to know that there is an alternative way to increase your bone density safely. A friend of mine and I decided we did not want to take Fosamax, and we found out about a natural mineral called Strontium that builds new bone. On December 18, 2003 we started taking Strontium Support which is 720 mg. of Strontium Citrate providing 227 mg. of elemental Strontium. We purchased it from Natural Alternatives (it originally comes from AOR, a Canadian company). We also take bio-identical progesterone cream and bio-identical estrogen cream which we also purchase from Natural Alternatives.

On June 6, 2005, we had a DXA test to measure our bone density (our 6th DXA test). Our previous test was two years prior to that on July 7, 2003. We had been taking Strontium almost a year and a half prior to our 2005 test. My spine bone density increased 11.1% and my hip bone density decreased 3.3% and my arm bone density decreased 4.4%. It appeared that the Strontium went to the area it was needed most which was my spine. I had serious osteoporosis in my spine. My hip was osteopenia and my arm was above normal. Normally, it is expected that we would have lost 2% to 5% in bone density each year (we are both post-menopausal; I am 58 years old and my friend is 60 years old). My friend's spine increased 7.9% (went from osteoporosis in 2003 to osteopenia in 2005) and her hip (normal) increased 5.5%. This was the first year (2005) she had her arm tested and it was osteopenia.

We waited two years and had our next DXA test on May 18, 2007. My osteoporosis in my spine changed to osteopenia and the bone density increased 8.1%. My osteopenia in my hip moved to the borderline stage of normal and the bone density increased 6.5%. My arm which was above normal in 2005 stayed the same.
My friend's spine which was osteopenia in 2005 became normal and the bone density increased 15.7%. Her hip's bone density (which was normal) increased 6.4%. Her arm (which was osteopenia in 2005) actually decreased 4.5% (still remaining in the osteopenia category). I think this is due to the fact that she has a lot of arthritis in her arm and tries not to use it any more than necessary.

We have made sure to be tested every year on the same machine so we get an accurate comparison.

I just wanted to share our experience with others because we are ecstatic about the results we have gotten from using Strontium Support.
Janesville, CA

Thank you Paula......I shared your experience with Peggy in Florida and she just sent her own very happy experience below:

Dear Carla,
In 2000, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis, after a bone densitometry exam, My mother had osteoporosis and I had an early complete hysterectomy at age 36, so the diagnosis was not a surprise. I tried different forms of calcium, exercised, but a repeat bone scan in 2006 was worse. I refused my gynocologist's suggestion to take a hormone and began a complete search, which led me to Natural Alternatives and Carla - a great blessing!

So since May of 2006, I have taken 3 Strontium capsules in the middle of the night to separate them from my calcium pills. In the morning I use Cell Food Sillica in my protien drink, taking the remaining daily dose of Silica in juice or vitamin water throughout the day. Around 4 PM I take two 630 mg Calcium Citrate with Vit D 400 IU, and a Boron 3mg. Before bed, I take two more (630mg) Calcium Citrate with 400 IU Vit D. Each time I take my calcium, I take one 1000mg buffered Vit C. I use the natural Progesterone 2% creme on my inner thighes each morning upon arising

In August of 2007, I returned to the same lab for another Bone Densitometry test. All my scores were better, the most dramatic improvement being my Femer T-score. In 2006, it was Minus 7.6, in 2007 it was Minus 2.4, an improvement of +5.6. I am making new bone!!

My doctor is impressed and I am relieved. I take my products from Natural Alternatives daily without fail. I am a strict vegetarian. I walk and ride my bike daily (I live in the Keys so the weather co-operates) and I am eternally grateful to Natural Alternatives.
Peggy Taylor

Hi Carla,
I want to pass along the results of my Bone Density tests:
First bone density test May, 2007. T-score was -2.7 (osteoporosis).
Started Strontium (which I ordered from you) September, 2007. Have been on it ever since.
Second bone density test May, 2008. T score was -1.7 (osteopenia).

Based upon the above findings, I feel that Strontium has improved the density of my bones. My test improved by one point in 8 months.
Cathy C

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