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We want to welcome new customers to our site along with our current customers who have been ordering from us for years.  We hope you will enjoy the more "user friendly" format and easier ordering process!

We've worked hard to make this site easy to use and informative for you and would very much welcome your comments and feedback, as this is how we make improvements.


Naturally Better has been offering natural supplements and bio-identical natural hormones for 17 years and have had a website with this domain name for 11 years.

We always try to keep abreast of the most recent information in the Natural Health arena, as well as ground-breaking new discoveries in regard to supplements that may be of benefit to you.


Questions about an order you have placed:

Email: info@naturalradiance.com or use the Contact Us Form online.

Questions about products:

Due to FDA regulations, we are unable to answer any questions that relate to what products should be used for a particular health issue, or anything relating to the care, prevention or treatment of any disease or health problem. (*see disclaimer below)



You will receive a notice that your order was received and also a notice when it is shipped. If you enter an email address with your order, you will be able to track your order from the information on the email.

Please only call our office if the order does not arrive as scheduled or if there is a problem with the order. The phone number is 888-660-8831.

Back orders should be rare, but in the event of a back order, we will ship the rest of the order and notify you of an approximate date for the back ordered items to be shipped.


Important: No one at Naturally Better is a healthcare professional. or qualified in any way to answer any questions about health issues or how a product might affect any health issue.

We make no claims about any products in regard to curing, restoring or benefiting your health or any physical function.

Any information on this site regarding the products has been provided by the manufacturers, and should not be regarded as health advice.

No one is available to answer any questions or offer advice. We strongly encourage you to educate yourself by reading the articles that give information quoted from doctors and other printed sources and the information provided by the product manufacturers.  We offer some very informative books on our site from leading authorities.

If you have questions on a health related issues:

Consult a healthcare Professional.

Do research online or order one of the books offered on our site in order to be fully informed.

Our contact number above is only for questions about an order you have placed or if you are unable to order online. Please place all orders online if at all possible.They will receive faster, more efficient service.

Thank You!


Brit Richardson ~ President, Naturally Better