Vital Therapy Blemish Rescuer

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Vital Therapy Blemish Rescuer reduces inflammation caused by acne

Vital Therapy products are nutrient concentrated, with cutting edge synergistic activity and antioxidant benefits that allow the skin to heal quickly. The Glycolic acid works to increase cellular turnover as it gently softens the skin, L-salicylic acid purifies the skin and acts as an antiseptic to reduce inflammation, L-lactic acid provides moisture to the skin to reduce flaking of the affected area, and L-mandelic acid lightens the skins pigmentation to minimize dark spots. This combination of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients naturally and quickly work to clear the occasional blemish and improve the appearance of the affected areas on your skin.



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SD alcohol, Glycolic acid, L-salicylic acid, L-lactic acid, L-mandelic acid, L-limonol.

No toxic preservatives, dyes, filler, fragrances, or chemicals are used in Vital Therapy products.

Vital Therapy Blemish Rescuer quickly clears up the occasional blemish

Suggested Use: Squirt a small amount onto a cotton pad and apply to affected area.

Keep out of eyes. If product gets into eyes, flush immediately with cool water and seek medical attention.