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Welcome to Naturally Better!

We are a web based business appreciate your placing your orders online. All orders are shipped from our Shipping Dept directly, except in the case of an occasional "out of stock" item that we can get to you faster by having it drop shipped. That only rarely occurs. Most orders will be shipped from our warehouse.

PLEASE PLACE ALL ORDERS ONLINE! That will help us make our customer service more efficient and you will have a copy of your order so no misunderstandings occur. It will also free our staff to be able to focus on getting your orders shipped to you quickly and efficiently.

You will receive a notice of shipping, with the tracking number so you can track your order at any time.

You may email us anytime at  If you have an issue that needs immediate attention, call our Office Manager, Ashley at 888-660-8831.

If you have questions about using the products on our site, please refer to the product descriptions for each product.

You will find additional information on the Articles pages. For more information about hormones, you can click on the Home Page link, then on the INFORMATION Tab. We have a good deal of information on that page. We also have information on the different products in the Resources section. Due to FDA restrictions, we are unable to offer any further information on the products, so please do not call to ask us questions that we are not allowed to answer.

No one at Naturally Better is a health professional or qualified to discuss any disease, condition or health problem or give any advice about how to treat or cure these conditions. Due to legal restrictions we cannot tell you what to use or do for any health issue.