Royal Maca for Menopause


Royal Maca for Menopause improves symptoms

Using Royal Maca on a regular basis improves or may eliminate hot flashes, mood swings, breast tenderness, fatigue, low energy and insomnia that are commonly associated with menopause. It also helps to reduce the effect of stress and depression, giving you more mental clarity. Athletes use Royal Maca as a way to increase energy and endurance levels. It's hormone balancing is a natural way to enjoy a renewed sense of well-being and satisfaction in how your body responds to menopause.

Traditional uses are now supported by scientific research:

  •     good for PMS and period regularity
  •     helps eliminate hot flashes & vaginal dryness
  •     promotes a happy mood & libido
  •     helps with joint pain due to hormone issues
  •     supports regularity in sleep
  •     supports bone strength

120 capsules or 60 servings per bottle - A Great Value!

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Royal Maca for Menopause

USDA Certified Organic Maca in Veggie Capsules. 

Each Capsule Contains 500 mg. of Certified Organic, Pre-Cooked (Gelatinized), Sun-Dried Maca Powder.   Our capsules are SLS-free and contain no flow agents, no fillers, no chemicals, no irradiation, and no fumigation.              

Royal Maca seems to be an amazing adaptogenic herbal solution for menopause that has helped many women. Be sure to avoid the inexpensive varieties, as they typically don't work. If you chose this option make sure to obtain the authentic version from Peru. 

(Royal Maca is imported from Peru by Whole World Botanicals, the one offered on our site)

Certified Organic by USDA & BIO LATINA, Lima Peru.  Gluten - Free  Sun - Dried, No additives, Not Irradiated, Fair Traded.   Royal Maca powder concentrate is prepared by a flash heat extrusion process called gelatinization.

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Supplement Facts

Serving size Two (2) capsules: 60 servings per container 

Amount per serving                                       % Daily Value 

Total Carbs.   0.66 grams                                <1%

Selenium (from maca root)   2.49 mcg          6.6%

Royal Maca Root Concentrate   1000 mg      ***                 

*** daily value not established; percent daily values based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Other ingredients, the Capsules contains: Cellulose & Purified water.

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