Safe Estrogen Book


 In this book you will learn:

  •     The Simple Urine Test that best predicts if you will get Breast Cancer
  •     Every woman should have this test! And know what to do if your test is positive. (Unfortunately most doctors don't know about it)
  •     A Safer Estrogen Replacement (ERT) American women are taking the most dangerous estrogen. There is a safer estrogen that controls symptoms without increasing Breast Cancer risk.
  •     Delicious Foods that Cut Breast Cancer Risk in HALF
  •     You don't have to eat twigs and grass to avoid Breast Cancer…learn about the fabulous foods that lower your risk.
  •     More Power for Breast Cancer Survivors
  •     By combining these steps you can dramatically lower the chance of getting Breast Cancer again!
  •     The Special Type of Vitamin E that Lowers Risk by 30-90%
  •     95% of Americans are taking the wrong form of Vitamin E which does not prevent Breast Cancer!
  •     Chemicals in Our Food and Household Cleaners that cause Breast Cancer
  •     How to avoid them and keep them from damaging your breast cells.
  •     Why Antibiotics and Alcohol Increase Breast Cancer
  •     Learn about the supplements you must take even if you use alcohol or antibiotics occasionally.
  •     How to "Turn Up" Your Breast Cancer Protection Genes Most people (even doctors) don't realize that you can turn your breast cancer protection genes up-we can tell you how.

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(Footnote from Dr. Conley)
Does anyone really want Breast Cancer? Yet what are you doing to protect yourself from it? Concerns about developing Breast Cancer are a worry for nearly all women. But there are ways to help you reduce your Breast Cancer Risk. You can leave it up to luck or you can take control of your health and actively work to lower your risk. I have worked for 5 years to gather the latest research (from respected medical journals) and translated the medical talk into plain English because I don't want you to ever have to deal with the personal "terrorist" called Breast Cancer. It is estimated that 1 in 7 women will get Breast Cancer. My goal is to make sure you are not one of them. This book gives you the inexpensive tests that best predict your risk, and then shares with you 20 easy steps you can take, beginning today, to dramatically lower your risk. In addition, I have developed the Breast Protection Pack (see above) that lets you boost your cancer fighting nutrients by taking a once a day supplement. Even if you only implement 3 or 4 of these steps, you can still cut your risk in half. If you start now, you can significantly lower your risk and avoid ever having to face Breast Cancer in your life. Why doesn't your doctor know? American doctors are trained to fight a "war" on Breast Cancer AFTER you get it. They are not trained to help you avoid it in the first place. Yet you and I know the very best treatment for Breast Cancer is to never get it in the first place! That's why I wrote this book.